Welcome to the Bonham Research Lab at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Our work focuses on the development of simple, convenient bio-sensor probes for the quantitative, rapid detection of proteins and other bio-molecules. These probes comprise a versatile new class of oligonucleotide-based “switches” that recognize proteins using native binding interactions. This approach simplifies the rational design of sensors directed to bind any target of interest and allows the sensors to have affinity and specificity on the order of natural binding interactions. This design has been put into practice with beacons directed against diverse human transcription factors, biological toxins, and other proteins. For all targets we find rapid (minutes), specific quantification of nanomolar concentrations, retaining selectivity even in media as complex as blood. These bio-sensors represent a convenient, versatile, and readily generalized approach to detect proteins and other bio-molecules that provides significant advantages over existing methods.